5 of The Most Well-Mannered Dog Breeds

With so many different breeds available, choosing a dog that suits you can be difficult. Different dog breeds present different traits, personalities and characteristics that can make them a good or bad fit for your lifestyle and environment.

Individuals that are looking for a dog to become a household pet or to live alongside a family will be interested in a breed that thrives in those conditions. If you want a dog to keep you company while you relax in one of your Amish shaker chairs or that would enjoy playing with your children and has a friendly nature, here are some dog breeds for consideration.

The Newfoundland


The Newfoundland is widely considered one of the most kind-hearted and gentle dogs in existence. While their large size can be deceiving, the Newfoundland possesses a very sweet disposition. Due to their protective nature when it comes to families and their children, Newfoundlands make great household pets.

This breed is also known for its intelligence, patience and loyalty. For individuals looking for a very friendly pet or a dog that will seamlessly fit in with the family, the Newfoundland is an excellent breed to consider.

Labrador Retriever


Recognized by petMD as one of the most popular dog breeds, the Labrador Retriever is a patient and loving dog. Its playful nature makes it an excellent dog for households that have children. While they love to be active and run around outside, Labrador Retrievers are also extremely obedient and loyal when trained properly.

Golden Retriever


As with the Labrador Retriever, the Golden Retriever is a playful and active breed. PetMD cited the breed as one of the easiest to train and noted the way in which it approaches learning new things with enthusiasm. Also, the Golden’s mild temperament and love for human companionship makes it an excellent family pet. Any Golden Retriever owner can attest to the loyalty and obedient nature this breed possesses.

The Collie


Made famous thanks to Lassie, the Collie is another great family pet breed and it are known for its intelligence and gentle disposition. Collies are also very alert and graceful, traits that warrant their historical reputation as herding dogs.  Collies are impressionable dogs that love to please their owners and get along well with children. This combination of traits has led the Collie to become one of the most common canine pets.

The Bulldog


The Bulldog is another breed that gets along well with children and is known for patience and affection. Its sturdy build makes it an excellent dog for playing with young children and its calm nature is very suitable for a household pet. In general, the Bulldog is a dog that loves being around people and will be friendly to your family, friends and even strangers.

Labrador Retrievers Remain the Most Popular Breed of Dog

Chocolate Lab

There are so many breeds of dog, it can be overwhelming to think about them all! Some of these dogs unfortunately haven gotten a bad rap over the years, but there is one breed of dog that has continually avoided this fate. Whether yellow, black or chocolate in color, the Labrador Retriever remains one of the most loved and trusted breeds of dogs, and is at present the most popular breed in the world.

Go all the way back to 1994 and you’ll still find this breed ruled as the globe’s most beloved dog. But how is it that the Labrador continues to be loved decade after decade?

Easily Recognizable, Thanks To Movies

There is an array of movies that feature Labrador Retrievers in the role of faithful companion and trusted hero, such as Homeward Bound. In fact, there are few animals that have been as well represented in memorable roles as the Labrador Retriever. There is much positive media attention in films targeted primarily to families and children, so it’s no wonder all this leads to greater demand for Labradors as a pet.

Wonderful Experiences with The Labrador

In addition to positive media attention, there is a long history of wonderful memories created and shared by having these loving dogs in one’s home. It’s extremely rare to hear a bad word said about any type of Retriever.

When it comes to choosing a pet, it always helps to know there are positive experiences associated with a breed you are considering bringing into your household. The Labrador Retriever is associated with faithfulness, gentleness, playfulness and unconditional love. They are the type of dog you feel you can have around your children, elderly parents or neighbors — even those who are otherwise wary of dogs.

Word Of Mouth Continues to Keep Labs on Top

So long as it’s consensus that Labrador Retrievers make great pets, it’s easy to anticipate they will remain popular for many years to come. Even as other breeds gain in popularity, they have to overcome obstacles that Retrievers do not. Some breeds suffer from the image of being poor pets for households with kids. Others are too new or too obscure to build a fan base.

As for the Labrador Retriever, this breed got a major head start, rising in popularity at the same time as digital age grew and blossomed. It makes it easier than ever to share stories and find information about what dog is right for you and or your family. With so much positive feedback already in circulation, it will be a long time before any breed comes close to challenging the universal love and affection afforded the Labrador.

Poodle Mixes: Gaining in Popularity

AnnieLabradoodles are great mixes because they combine the friendly
demeanor of a lab with the playfulness of a poodle

Designer Dogs

Designer dogs are not a new fad by any means but certain breeds tend to fade in and out of popularity. What’s in one year is out the next! Carrying around a Chihuahua in your bag may be the thing to do one year but the next year it’s all about the English Bulldogs. The problem with following these trends is that you can’t get a dog and tote him around only while his breed is popular and then dump him for the next trend. Pet ownership just doesn’t work that way. However, there are some people who must be at the forefront of any trend so it can be extremely difficult to pick a breed. For those people, a Poodle mix may be the perfect way to go.

Oodles of Poodles

Many people often choose to get poodles because they always make a statement but the problem is that they don’t always fit with that particular person’s lifestyle. Hence the surge of interest when it comes to Poodle mixes. There are tons of Poodle mixes that are just as cute, or even cuter, than the breeds that they were crossed with. Plus the names are fun to say; Labradoodle, Airedoodle, Basetoodle, Goldendoodle, Pamapoo… // Should I go on? The point is that you can pretty much cross a Poodle with any other breed and Bam! You have your own personalized designer dog.

Poodle Fever

Why the sudden Poodle rage? I wouldn’t necessarily call it sudden. Poodles have always been popular because they come in all sizes, are hypoallergenic, and don’t shed. In fact, the Toy Poodle became the official dog at court in France under Louis VXI and is also commonly used as the dancing dog in circuses. Poodles are obviously a well-known designer breed. By mixing them with another popular breed, you can increase the trendiness of your dog.

Even if trendiness isn’t your prerogative, a poodle crossbreed may be the way to go. Because poodles generally are an intelligent breed with a great disposition, they are an ideal candidate for crossbreeding. Crossbreeding will generally give you the best of both worlds regardless of the breeds. It may seem odd to cross a Poodle with a St. Bernard but for some dog owners, it is the perfect mix.  They get the size and strength of a St. Bernard, and the intelligence of a Poodle. Often times they will even be hypoallergenic when compared to other dogs.

Regardless of the Poodle mix you are looking for make sure you go through a responsible breeder. Contact a local veterinarian or the American Kennels Club to help you begin with your search.

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