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So you have decided you want to get a new dog but you do not want a big, mean, aggressive guard dog. You do not want a canine that requires unlimited time in the exercise yard. You don’t even want a new buddy that looks like a dog. “Cuteness” is the number one criteria you are using. Well do I have a dog for you…the Affenpinscher…better known to most people as “The Monkey Dog.” These little bundles of fur are too cute for their own good.

Love at first sight

Most people fall in love at first sight with this adorable little monkey dog. Thought to be one of the earliest “toy” breeds, the Affenpinscher was originally bred as a rat dog in Germany, though its true origins have gone the way of the dodo bird.

The term “monkey dog” comes from its monkey-like appearance. Also, the Affenpinscher can entertain itself for hours at a time like a monkey. It is not unusual to see the little wire-haired scoundrel throwing a ball up in the air and catching it for hours at a time. This is the perfect breed of dog for the busy, working stiff who simply wants someone to talk to when he gets home from a 25-hour workday.

Training Your Little Monkey

Even though the Affenpinscher is easily entertained, training the little devils can sometimes be a little challenging. Housetraining the Affenpinscher, like most toy breeds, can be the most frustrating of tasks. Because they are so independent, they do not require your constant attention, which of course will lead to more than their fair share of “little accidents.” Crate training and a huge helping or owner patience are required. As long as you can keep your frustration in check and keep a diligent eye on the little guy, your new carpet will soon be accident-free.

Affenpinschers also respond best to “positive training,” meaning a reward for good behavior rather than screaming for bad behavior works best. Puppy kindergarten in the first few months is also recommended to stave off that little independent streak. A well-trained Affenpinscher is the best little buddy you will ever have.

Health Concerns for the Affenpinscher

Hereditary conditions of any kind should be of great concern to new Affenpinscher owners. Due to the limited gene pool for the breed, hip dysplasia and other problems should be considered. A constant vigil over any symptoms should be the new Affenpinschers creed and daily practice.

But even with the possible health concerns and numerous “little accidents” the new owner is almost guaranteed to deal with, the little devils will almost assuredly win over your heart. As a matter of fact, the official motto of the Affenpinscher Club of America is “Bet you can’t own just one.”

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