Akita History and Breeder Information

Akita History and Breeder Information

By Lane Jordan

The Akita, also known as the Akita Inu or Akita-ken, is a large Japanese dog breed. They are named after Akita Precture, which is a region in Northern Japan. In Japan, the Akita is usually referred to as Akita-ken. ‘Ken’ means ‘dog’ is Japanese as does ‘inu.’ Male Akitas usually stand 24 to 28 inches tall and weight approximately 120 pounds. Females usually weigh about 100 pounds. Akitas can be black, brindle, white, fawn, or any combination or variety of these colors. Akita puppies and teens look very similar to Shiba Inus.

Originally, Akitas were bred as a hound dog to round up large game animals throughout the mountains of Japan. Like many hounds, the Akitas disposition is quite complacent and easygoing. While Akitas historically have been used as hounds, the AKC has put them in the Working Group. Akitas only bark when prompted to and are generally very quiet dogs. Relative to other large dogs, Akitas don’t require as much exercise which makes them very good house dogs.

Much like the Shiba Inu and other Japanese breeds, the Akita grew nearly instinct during World War II mainly due to lack of food. After the war, the popularity of Akitas exploded as they were generally liked by the occupying forces in Japan because they were by far the largest Japanese breed. Their popularity vastly grew in the coming decades all over the world.

If socialized well, Akitas make agile, friendly, and loyal companions. If not socialized and left alone, they tend to have personality issues that can make them unfriendly dogs. This obviously isn’t unique to Akitas, however due to their pack oriented background; an isolated Akita can develop negative personality traits more noticeable than other dogs. If you raise you’re Akita with children in a family environment, they will make an outstanding house pet for anyone.

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