Lovable Hounds: The Beagle

By Tiffany Trent

Beagles are a medium-sized breed of hound with short legs and soulful eyes. The beagle comes in a wide variety of colors, though the most common appearance is tri-color with a black nose. These dogs are usually black and white when they are born and develop their brown patches as they get older.

Beagles are curious by nature and this may make them harder to train because they are intelligent and stubborn. The Beagle is a gentle dog, with a good temperament, making this dog breed great for any age child. These dogs are playful, energetic, and very loyal to their owners. Beagles, unlike other dog breeds, don’t just bond with one person in their home; they bond with the entire family.

Beagles are prone to separation anxiety because they are pack animals. If you are going to leave your beagle along for a long period of time, (ex. going on vacation) your pet would do best being kept with other dogs or a person they are familiar with. If you don’t have a family friend your beagle can stay with, you should consider taking your pet to a kennel while you’re away to lessen the anxiety of being separated from you.

Overall, beagles are a rather healthy dog breed, though they do have some common health problems. The beagle’s ears are floppy and very long. This can prevent air from getting into the ear canals and moisture can get trapped in the ear, which can cause ear infections in your beagle. Regular cleaning and a diet including lamb and rice dog food are good ways to prevent this in your pet.

Another common health problem in beagles is obesity. This occurs when people overfeed their pet or reward with treats too often because of their gentle, exuberant nature. In a healthy beagle, you should be able to feel your dog’s ribs and see an hourglass shape to your dog’s length when looking at it from above. This breed of hound can also be prone to congenital heart disease, seizures, and arthritis.

This breed of dog is very versatile. Beagles have an exceptional sense of smell, making them a great companion for hunters. Because they are loyal and very gentle, they make great family pets. These dogs are also often placed in dog shows because of their beauty and agreeable nature. The beagle is a lovable hound dog, that is low maintenance, and very hard not to love!

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