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About the Afghan Hound

Are you a fan of royalty? The Afghan Hound, often called the king of the dog world, is known for its beauty and elegance.

The Afghan Hound has keen eyesight and was originally bred to hunt game as a sight hound. However, because of the nomadic life of the Afghan and Pakistan tribes that created the Afghan breed, it continued to evolve until it became a multi-purpose helper. The Afghan is one of the few dog breeds that can hunt game, herd sheep and protect its home with equal skill.

Today, this member of the American Kennel Club’s hound group excels in obedience, as well. The Afghan Hound weighs fifty to sixty pounds and stands between twenty four and twenty eight inches high.

These dogs have a long coat on the lower half of their bodies and a shorter coat on their chest and back. They are known for their elegant topknots.

This breed can come in any color or combination of colors, but white markings are considered unfavorable. The Afghan has long ears covered in sleek hair. This breed’s dark eyes have an Oriental appearance. Afghan Hounds are graceful and regal, but they are also powerful, energetic dogs, bred to endure rigorous conditions.

This breed needs quite a bit of exercise, so it is not ideal for an apartment. Be sure that you only exercise your dog in a fenced yard or on a lead. These dogs are much too fast for humans to catch them easily if they decide to run off. If you do allow your Afghan to romp in your yard, be sure that the fence is substantially high. The Afghan has the ability to soar easily over fences that would contain the average dog.

If you are looking for a pet that does well with small children, you may not want to choose an Afghan. These dogs are very attached to family and friends, so much that they do not adjust well to being placed in a new home once they are adults.

However, they are very independent and are not overly tolerant of rough handling and toddler games. Because of this independence, Afghan Hounds are occasionally hard to train. However, this breed is extremely intelligent and can really do well in obedience if it becomes interested in the training.

You may want to consider taking your dog to puppy obedience classes to learn the basics, but be sure you find a trainer that doesn’t believe in forcing obedience. Clicker training is a good choice for this breed.

When feeding Afghan Hounds, you should keep a few special considerations in mind. These dogs are prone to bloat, so if you are feeding a dry food diet, you should soak the food in water for five or ten minutes before you give it to your dog. You should also be sure you don’t let your dog out to run for at least an hour after he eats. Don’t allow him to guzzle water and always be sure the water is room temperature.

The Afghan is a fairly healthy breed overall. Besides bloat, this breed is prone to cancer and allergies. If your Afghan needs surgery or goes in for dental cleaning or grooming, be sure you remind your vet that this breed has problems with anesthesia.

Because of its thick, silky coat, the Afghan does need to be groomed regularly. Brush your dog’s coat thoroughly at least twice a week. You will need to clip its toenails once a month and should consider brushing its teeth daily.

If you want a dog that is dependent on you, then an Afghan Hound is not right for you and your family. However, if you don’t mind having a dog that is independent and likes to think for himself, then this may be the perfect choice for you.

Puggle Dogs and Designer Dog Facts – The Truth About Puggles

Puggle Dogs and Designer Dog Facts – The Truth About Puggles

By Jenny Smith

Puggle Dogs are a fairly new mixed breed. They’re a half breed combined with a pug and a beagle. They are one of the cutest mix breed dogs out there today. They have a very mellow, loving temperament. Puggles are ideal family pets, because they do so well with young children. They’re all around lovable, and not normally a one person dog as are pugs. Puggles become attached to anyone that will give them the time of day and feed them. This breed is also very easily trained. This makes it great for that always terrible training period in a young pups life.

Anyone that has experienced raising a dog from infancy knows that you go through a period of potty training. Some dogs are better than others during this stage. Some breeds are very easily trained and you never have much of a problem with them, while others are not always so. Puggles learn to obey commands well, while many breeds never seem to grasp this key concept. This makes the chewing stage a little more easy to cope with as well. They will most certainly go through that chewing stage like any puppy, but they seem to learn the word “no” very well, and obey commands earlier than most.

Puggles don’t posses the eye’s that pop out or the completely flat noses that make breathing often times difficult for the pug. They seem to be the perfect cross between two dogs with several flaws. They also don’t have the miserable howl, like beagles do. They’ve got the perfect combination of good looks and great characteristics. All this combined is the ingredients of the perfect companion. There are so many breeds of dog out there today, that it can be hard to choose the one for you. As time goes on there is continually more and more breeds being discovered and created. The first known breed of dogs stemmed primarily from the wolf in the northwest region. In Egypt one of the first dogs was the basenji. The basenji is a compact hunter whose ancestry is depicted in Egyptian tombs dating around 5,000 years old. The interesting thing about this dog is that it doesn’t bark. It makes little chortles and yodels, and snarls. This dog, like the wolf can only be bred once a year. Most dogs can be bred twice a year. Here are a few of the older breeds known to man;

• Saluki
• Afghan Hound
• St Bernard
• Alaskan Malamute
• Lhasa Apso

Many modern day cross breed dogs stemmed from one or more of these older dogs. After these dogs came some more breeds that pushed the evolution of dogs a litter further. They are as follows;

• Miniature Poodle
• Pembroke Welsh Corgi
• Mountain Cur
• Australian Shepherd

And so began the cross bred dog. Some say that cross breed dogs are not a good thing. They believe that these designer dogs are a fashion statement to many. In turn, this excludes all other breeds from having homes. The majority of people nowadays want some sort of cross breed. Whether it be a puggle (pug & beagle mix), a labradoodle (Labrador retriever & Poodle mix), or a Schnoodle (Miniature Schnauzer-Poodle mix). Many dog owners argue that these mixed breeds aren’t a real breed, merely overpriced mutts. Many press the point that before you go buying a designer dog to go down to the local shelter and see what’s available. Although these mixed breed dogs are adorable, you don’t always have to pay that designer price. Often times these mixed breeds can be found at shelters as well, and for less than half the price! There are hundreds to thousands of dogs each year that are homeless, and are taken to these animal shelters in hopes of finding homes for them. Just because they aren’t a purebred mix doesn’t mean they won’t be the best companion ever! The puggle is a recognized purebred mix.

A man by the name of Gary Garner is the president of the American Canine Hybrid Club. His company offers certificates of authentication for a mere price of $20. These are available to anyone who can prove that they are owners of the offspring of two different breed purebred dogs. He gets letters upon letters of hate mail coming from many purebred owners. Although this seems to angry many, hundreds are getting this done every day.

The best piece of advice for anyone considering getting a dog as a pet, is to do the research. Research each dog you think you may want, and compare them to one another. Here are a few key things to consider when shopping for the breed that’s right for you:

• Size?
• Easily trainable?
• Shedding? (little, average, constant.)
• Coat? (Wire, thick, long, short, etc.)
• Grooming? (weekly, daily, moderate.)
• Aggressive characteristics?
• Family dog?
• Good with everyone, or one man dog?
• Common characteristic habits with this breed?
• Health issues common to breed?

Many celebrities have taken a liking to the puggle as well. Here are a few new owners of the breed; Jake Gyllenhaal, James Gandolfini, Sylvester Stallone and Julianne Moore. Anyone who discovers this new furry friend can’t control the urge to get one of their own. Time to get out there and find the perfect breed for you! Oh wait, you already found it…….The PUGGLE!

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Know Your Afghan Hound

Know Your Afghan Hound

By Tim Shank

The Afghan Hound is a medium to large 55 to 65 pound dog that grows to between 24 and 29″ in height. The Afghan Hound has long, silky hair and appears to be both elegant, reserved and agile. But, don’t let the looks fool you. They can run, frolic and play with the best of the dogs.

Afghan Hounds comes in a variety of colors including Black, red, cream, fawn and brindle. Fawn, cream and brindle Afghans typically have a black mask on face or on fringe of ears. White markings are discouraged by the AKC. In contrast to the long hair on its body, the Afghan Hound as a long, thin tail that curls on the end and is covered with short hair. Because of their long, thick hair, the Afghan Hound requires regular grooming.

They are very energetic and affectionate dogs. They get along with children, other dogs and pets, especially those that they know from puppyhood. They do not always get along with cats, especially those that they aren’t familiar with. Some Afghan Hounds can be more on the timid or high strung side, so they are recommended more for older or well behaved children. The Afghan Hound is an ideal dog for homes where they will get plenty of exercise, outside play and where there is ample room to roam and explore.

The breed can date itself back over 5000 years. It is native to Afghanistan. It is a sight hound and was originally used for herding, hunting and as a watchdog. Due to its quick speed, it made an excellent hunting animal to pursue game. It only reached Europe and the United States in the 1900s because its exportation was prohibited. The Afghan Hound is now used mainly as companion, watchdog and hunting dog.

This dog with a dignified air is a loyal and faithful companion. They make good watchdogs and a great companion for an active family that enjoys exercise and play. If you choose an Afghan then plan on a lifetime of love and enjoyment from your new pet.

Learn more about dogs and dog care at Dear Doggy. You can also visit our Afghan Hound page in the dog breeds section of our website for more information.

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