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Labrador Puppy- The Perfect Pet

By Ruben Diaz

Dogs are known to be very friendly animals. As you are choosing the dog that you want you may suddenly see a bundle of fluff streaking across your path. What you are looking at is that of a Labrador puppy. These gentle yet highly excited puppies are the perfect pets. You will need to think about which type of Labrador puppy that you want to adopt. This is due to the fact that the Labrador breed comes in two different types.

These breeds are the English Labrador and the American Labrador. These two dogs types have different looks which will help you when you are planning to adopt or buy one of these dogs. In the breed of dog itself there are 4 colorations which informs the breeders of what type of puppy that you are looking to add to your family.

These colors which you can find your Labrador puppy in are silver, yellow, chocolate, and black. The usual colors of the Labrador don’t include silver, this color has caused controversy among dog breeders. Some of the breeders claim that any Labrador puppy which has a silver coat is a cross with a Weimeriner. Other breeders state that the silver coat is that of a true mutation.

For those of you who lead an energetic lifestyle choosing a Labrador puppy will fit nicely into your style of living. The lab – as they are also called – is a dog which loves to swim. Unlike other dog breeds the lab is bred to swim. The webbing which is found on their paws will help them to swim. To help dog owners with grooming their puppy after it has been in a swimming bout you will see that the Labrador breed as a whole has an easy to care for and water resistant coat.

Like all puppies the Labrador puppy loves to socialize. They can be trained so that you have a well disciplined puppy. As these dogs are very active you can exercise them with no problems. You will however need to give your puppy some type of activity to keep them occupied. Without this activity and disciple the Labrador puppy will become highly destructive.

While the Labrador breed was not bred for being a guard dog it does have this capability. You may want to broaden the scope of learning which will influence your puppy when it is a full grown dog. The patience that you show in training your Labrador puppy will help you to have a healthy and very happy puppy.

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