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Poodle Mixes: Gaining in Popularity

AnnieLabradoodles are great mixes because they combine the friendly
demeanor of a lab with the playfulness of a poodle

Designer Dogs

Designer dogs are not a new fad by any means but certain breeds tend to fade in and out of popularity. What’s in one year is out the next! Carrying around a Chihuahua in your bag may be the thing to do one year but the next year it’s all about the English Bulldogs. The problem with following these trends is that you can’t get a dog and tote him around only while his breed is popular and then dump him for the next trend. Pet ownership just doesn’t work that way. However, there are some people who must be at the forefront of any trend so it can be extremely difficult to pick a breed. For those people, a Poodle mix may be the perfect way to go.

Oodles of Poodles

Many people often choose to get poodles because they always make a statement but the problem is that they don’t always fit with that particular person’s lifestyle. Hence the surge of interest when it comes to Poodle mixes. There are tons of Poodle mixes that are just as cute, or even cuter, than the breeds that they were crossed with. Plus the names are fun to say; Labradoodle, Airedoodle, Basetoodle, Goldendoodle, Pamapoo… // Should I go on? The point is that you can pretty much cross a Poodle with any other breed and Bam! You have your own personalized designer dog.

Poodle Fever

Why the sudden Poodle rage? I wouldn’t necessarily call it sudden. Poodles have always been popular because they come in all sizes, are hypoallergenic, and don’t shed. In fact, the Toy Poodle became the official dog at court in France under Louis VXI and is also commonly used as the dancing dog in circuses. Poodles are obviously a well-known designer breed. By mixing them with another popular breed, you can increase the trendiness of your dog.

Even if trendiness isn’t your prerogative, a poodle crossbreed may be the way to go. Because poodles generally are an intelligent breed with a great disposition, they are an ideal candidate for crossbreeding. Crossbreeding will generally give you the best of both worlds regardless of the breeds. It may seem odd to cross a Poodle with a St. Bernard but for some dog owners, it is the perfect mix.  They get the size and strength of a St. Bernard, and the intelligence of a Poodle. Often times they will even be hypoallergenic when compared to other dogs.

Regardless of the Poodle mix you are looking for make sure you go through a responsible breeder. Contact a local veterinarian or the American Kennels Club to help you begin with your search.

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