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That Beautiful Gently Giant – The Bernese Mountain Dog

By Ruth Bird

The Bernese Mountain Dog belongs to the working group of dogs. In general, the working breeds are known for their intelligence and hardiness. The Bernese is a herding and draft dog. These dogs love the challenge of learning anything new. This dog is a surefire reason for dog obedience training. If you do not train this dog, you will have a very hard time to control it when walking. It’s sheer strength will oudo you in no time. Before you commit to this gentle giant of a dog, get a list of dog breeds and look through to make sure this is what you want.

AKC Ranking: 47

Family: Mountain Dog. Mastiff

Origin: Switzerland

Today’s function: herding

Also known as the Bernese Cattle Dog

A little bit of history:

This is the only mountain dog that has long silky hair. I read in one book that this dog can be traced back to the invasion of the Roman in Switzerland. The Roman cross bread their mastiff with the cattle dogs of Switzerland.

This dog is strong enough to withstand the cold weather and was strong enough to serve as a draft dog.

Being close to extinction, these dogs were found in the valleys of the lower Alps. Through the efforts of Dr. Heim these dogs were promoted throughout Switzerland and Europe. The first Bernese came to America in 1926 and they were granted recognition in the AKC in 1937.

Their Character

The Bernese is an easygoing, calm family dog. A Bernese dog is very sensitive and loyal and totally devoted to its family. It is also very good and gentle with children. They can be reserved with strangers. They do get along with other dogs and pets. They hate to be isolated from family activities.

The Bernese is know to mature slowly. They need firm training, but not harsh training because they are a very gently, playful, slow to mature breed. They just do not want to grow up.


Obviously, this is the kind of dog that enjoys the outdoors, and, the colder it is the better they like it. They need daily exercise, but it can be moderate exercise. This dog does not do well as an outside dog. It needs to be involved with its family.

Its coat does need brushing twice a week. Lifespan: 6-9 years.

Please make a note. These dogs can get heat stroke very easy and quickly, care must be taken in the heat.

They weigh about 90 – 120 pounds and are 25- 28 inches tall.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a little bit longer than it is tall. It is a sturdy large dog. Surprisingly it has good strength, speed and agility.

It has a soft and gentle expression and a most beautiful color. This is truly a majestic looking dog.

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What is a Bernese Mountain Dog?

What is a Bernese Mountain Dog?

By Ove Marcelind

A Bernese mountain dog is a large dog from the Swiss Alps near Berne, Switzerland. They are characterized by their distinct marking of white and rust like color with black all over. They are a very strong dog that is loved by many. They are used for many things like hard work. They are also very good pets that anyone can love.

Farmers because of their strength use Bernese Mountain dogs. They will drive the cattle to the market and warn the farmer of any strangers that enter the property. They are excellent watchdogs and loyal to their owners as well. Berner Sennenhund introduced this breed in 1937. They are indeed a beautiful dog and loved by many. The Bernese is not related to the Saint Bernard like some people assume.

The Bernese mountain dog has a temperament that is very important to making the dog what it is today. They are dogs that are sometimes shy and can be considered awesome. They are quiet, but they are also tough as well. They need to have the right obedience training so that they can be the best trained dog that they are expected to be.

The average life span is usually eight to ten years. There are some that live to fifteen years and then some. It is not a guaranteed fact that can be determined as with any one or any animal.

The Bernese mountain dog is a good dog but they can have their problems as any breed can have. They are large dogs so they will have growing problems from the time they are puppies. They may have bone problems like hip and elbow disorders. Another serious health problem may be the number of cancer found in different dogs. This may be related to the autoimmune problem that is relevant. Some of the dogs may also have flea allergies and can be managed with flea control on a regular basis.

The main thing to remember is that it is a great dog and one that can be loved by anyone. They need to have the proper diet and the right exercise to make them as happy and as healthy as they can be. They should be treated just like any animal and that is with love and care. Having a Bernese mountain dog is a big responsibility and a great honor as well.

Getting a Burmese mountain dog is going to be a great time as well. There is no other joy that can be found than having a great dog to love. This breed of dog is a great companion and a great friend as well. They are a lifetime friend and a great investment as well.

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