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Small Dog Breeds For Small Homes

Small Dog Breeds For Small Homes

By Ian White

Just because you live in a small home or apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a dog. There are many small and toy breeds that make excellent pets for small homes. But even small dogs like variety and exercise, so it is important that you are prepared to spend time with your dog, take her for walks and ensure that she gets the best care. Once you have made that commitment to yourself, you can choose which breed of dog is most suitable to you and your lifestyle.

Small dog breeds make the cutest puppies, and one of the cutest small dog puppies around is the Maltese. This popular small dog breed generally grows to no more than six or seven pounds in weight, and has a beautiful white coat. The Maltese is a very ancient dog breed and has a strong constitution, though it should not be kept in very hot areas, due to the thick coat. The Maltese enjoys walks and is very playful. A great companion if you want a lively little pet and will enjoy the grooming chores.

Another delightful long haired small dog breed is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This lovely small dog is as courtly as its name and weighs about twice as much as a Maltese. The King Charles is a friendly and sociable small dog, well known for giving a lifetime of loyal attachment. This is the ideal dog if you prefer to lead a quiet life.

Top of the line in long haired small dog breeds is the Lowchen, as long as you enjoy spending long hours brushing, and don’t mind the hefty price tag. The beautiful `Little Lion’ dog can cost around $1000. A true indoors dog, the Lowchen is no exercise fanatic but owners have reported `separation anxiety’ to be a problem, so don’t get this dog breed if you are away for long hours every day.

If you want a pet with a shorter coat, try the Miniature Fox Terrier. This lively little dog will need lots of exercise, and appreciates having a collection of toys. Fox terriers can be yappy, so your pet may need to go to obedience school if she annoys the neighbors. This is a healthy and low maintenance dog breed, suitable for the owner who just wants to enjoy having a pet without all the grooming fuss.

A more sleek and elegant short haired pet is the Italian greyhound, and if you want a pet that enjoys exercise, this is the dog breed for you. Owners report that the Italian greyhound is a very well behaved dog, but prone to stress, so it is not a suitable pet where there are small children. This dog breed grows to a height of about 15 inches but is very lightweight – around 5 pounds.

The Welsh corgi is one of the classic small dog breeds, and very popular with Queen Elizabeth II of England. They will be popular with you, too, if you want a playful, affectionate pet. The Welsh corgi comes in two breeds, the Cardigan and the Pembrokeshire. The Pembrokeshire is smaller and more popular than the Cardigan, but both make faithful pets for small homes.

Finally, there is the ultimate small dog breed for apartment living – the toy poodle. Naturally popular in Europe, the toy poodle is somewhat high maintenance regarding its fluffy coat, but a surprisingly undemanding pet. Toy poodles love to play and appreciate having their own toys, but they are easy to train and adapt to their owners. Like most pets, the toy poodle prefers company to being left alone, but if you spend a lot of time away from home, perhaps you should think twice about getting a pet anyway!

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King Charles Spaniel Complete Profile

King Charles Spaniel Complete Profile

King Charles Spaniel

Key Facts:

Size: Small
Height: About 25 cm (10 inches)
Weight: 3.6 – 6.3 kg (8 – 14 lb)
Life Span: 13 years
Grooming: Medium
Exercise: Undemanding
Feeding: Medium
Temperament: Gentle & affectionate
Country of Origin: England
AKC Group: Toy
Other Names: English Toy Spaniel

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Stocky, compact and well proportioned.
Colour: Black/tan, ruby (red), tricolour or blenheim (red and white).
Coat: Silky, long, straight, good feathering with or without a slight wave.
Tail: Well feathered, lower than the topline and may be docked.
Ears: Set low, long, well feathered and hanging by the cheeks.
Body: The chest is wide and deep and the back is short and level. The shoulders are well laid back and the fore and hindquarters are well angulated.

Easy-going, affectionate and happy. King Charles Spaniels get on well with children, other dogs and strangers. They are suited for apartment living and enjoy being with their family and receiving plenty of attention. They are intelligent and learn quickly when being trained. These small dogs are sociable and adaptable which makes them ideal family pets.

The coat of the King Charles Spaniel should be brushed twice per week, especially in the areas more prone to tangling such as the chest, behind the ears and between the legs. The facial creases should be wiped with lotion (for this particular area) from time to time and the ear canals checked for dirt or wax.

The King Charles Spaniel adapts itself to the family activities for it’s daily exercise needs. They don’t demand a great deal of exercise and are content with being part of the family outings.

This breed shares the same ancestry as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and were popular in both England and Europe around 3-4 centuries ago. The English breeders preferred shorter muzzles on the spaniels and through selective breeding (possibly with the Japanese Chin) the head shape changed so that the muzzle appeared relatively flat. Later in the 1920s, breeders wanted to restore the longer shaped muzzles of the original King Charles Spaniel, which resulted in two distinct types. The re-established longer muzzled variety had the name ‘Cavalier’ added to the title of King Charles Spaniel.

Additional Comments:

The King Charles Spaniel is similar to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel except that it has a shorter nose and a more domed head.


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