Choosing a Chihuahua Puppy

Choosing a Chihuahua Puppy

By Connie Limon

First of all you want your Chihuahua to look like a Chihuahua. He or she should be a tiny dog with a fairly stocky build. The head of a Chihuahua is rounded; the muzzle is short and not squashed in. A Chihuahua’s ears stand erect. As young Chihuahuas, the ears will be floppy. The eyes are large. If you want to show or breed your Chihuahua you will want to choose according to the standard of perfection set by the American Kennel Club.

A passionate Chihuahua breeder will have photos of the sire and dam as well as the entire family. The appearance of the sire and dame of the litter is the best predictor of the looks of their offspring.

Examine the pedigree for conformation champions. You can get a good idea of how well your dog’s ancestors conform to the official AKC standards.

A Good Temperament

The temperament of a Chihuahua should be alert with terrier like qualities according to the AKC standard. One of the reasons why the Chihuahua has earned a position as one of the most popular breeds is partly due to its stable temperament. The personality of the sire and dam will help predict the personality of their offspring.

A Chihuahua is usually reserved with strangers. They should not be afraid or aggressive. However, a dam with very young puppies will almost always act aggressive as a means of protecting her offspring. If you visit a litter of Chihuahua when they are very young, and witness an aggressive dam, revisit when the litter is older.

Obedience or agility titles on the pedigree indicate obedient ancestors and also breeders who care about temperament.

You want your Chihuahua to live as a housedog and companion. Choose puppies raised in a home as opposed to those raised in a garage, a cage out back or a mass-production puppy farm.

Good Health

How old have the relatives of your chosen Chihuahua puppy lived? A good guide to the health of a Chihuahua is the health of her or his ancestors. Are there veterinary certifications of health clearances, such as the heart, eye, and especially, patella certifications, available? These certifications add assurance that your pup’s parents are free of certain hereditary disorders. Breeders can’t predict or prevent every disease, but they can try to give you the best chance of sharing a long and active life with your new friend.

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