The Saucy Chihuahua

By Jasmine Macdonald

Nothing is cuter than a tiny Chihuahua. She is a graceful, alert, swift moving dog with a saucy expression.


The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world – 6-9 inches tall and weights between 2-6 pounds.

She has a small apple-shaped head with a short pointed muzzle. Very large, round dark bright eyes and large erect ears.

The Chihuahua has a stout body that is longer than it is tall with a sickle-shaped tail which is curled over the back or to the side.

Color: Can be any color. Common colors are, chestnut, black, tan, fawn, multi-colored and splashed.

Coat: Two distinctive Breed types: one with a long soft coat, the other with a short coat.

Life Expectancy: 15 years or more


A Chihuahua is very intelligent but can be strong willed.

Extremely loyal to her owner – Gives and demands a lot of affection.

Very intuitive and will copy the behavior and moods of her owner(s).

Has the reputation of being a good watch dog – very courageous, bold and aggressive. She does not seem to realize how tiny she really is.

Chihuahuas are very spunky and mischievous.

Unless she is properly socialized, she will not like strangers.


A great companion dog – you will not find a better friend.

Not good with small children as the Chichuahhua will bite when teased.

Good with cats.

Can be aggressive toward other breeds of dogs. Usually will tolerate another Chihuahua in the home.

A great little dog for apartment living.


The Chihuahua with a smooth short-haired coat should be brushed occasionally. The breed with the long coat should be brushed daily with a soft brittle bush.

Both types should be bathed about once a month (careful not to get water in their ears).


Some Chihuahuas may be difficult to train, but they are very smart and learn quickly.

With a little patience you can have a wonderful little dog. They will respond well to gentle but firm training.


Chihuahuas needs regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Since she is so tiny a body harness is safer than a collar for walks.

Be careful on extremely cold days as she hates cold weather.


A Chihuahua should be feed a high quality dog food.

She has a tendency to overeat so her food consumption should be monitored.


A Chihuahua tends to wheeze and snore because of her short nose.

She is susceptible to corneal dryness and glaucoma. Prone to gum problems, stress, colds, and Rheumatism. Vulnerable to factures and accidents due to her small size.


The Chihuahua was named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

It is the oldest breed of dog on the American continent.

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