The Magnificent Golden Retriever

By Jasmine Macdonald

The Golden Retriever is beautiful both inside and out. She is one of the best companion dogs in the world.


A well developed dog with muscular thighs, broad head with a tapering, but wide, powerful muzzle. Scissor like teeth. She has medium sized brown friendly eyes and rather short, medium sized ears.

The female retriever is 20-22 inches tall and weights between 55-70 pounds. The male is 22-24 inches tall and weighs 60-80 pounds.

Coat – Medium length- can be wavy or straight. Dense and water repellent with good undercoat. Outer coat is neither coarse nor silky.


A Retriever has a charming personality. She is intelligent, and extremely loyal.

She is not very aggressive and loves to be around people. She is moderately active.

Usually quiet but will bark loudly to signal a strangers approach

Talents – A Retriever has many talents such as hunting, retrieving, agility, performing tricks, and narcotics detection.


Perfect family pet. Patient and loving with children.

Usually will get along well with other animals.

Can live in apartment but needs plenty of exercise.


Very intelligent and easy to train. A retriever cannot do enough for her owner(s) so obedience training can be fun.


Retrievers need daily exercise. She loves to retrieve toys, and swim, so exercise is fairly easy.

NUTRITION Will thrive on high quality dog food. She tends to gain weight easily, so food consumption must be monitored.


Prone to hip dysphasia, and congenital eye defects.

Skin allergies are common in retrievers and require veterinary attention.


Life expectancy is 10-12 years.

The golden retriever was originally form the British isles. It is believed she is a cross between a yellow flat-coated retriever, the spaniel, the setter, and possibly a bloodhound.

Many of the top obedience competition dogs in the country are golden retrievers.

A great bird dog – both land and water.

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