Labrador Retrievers Remain the Most Popular Breed of Dog

Chocolate Lab

There are so many breeds of dog, it can be overwhelming to think about them all! Some of these dogs unfortunately haven gotten a bad rap over the years, but there is one breed of dog that has continually avoided this fate. Whether yellow, black or chocolate in color, the Labrador Retriever remains one of the most loved and trusted breeds of dogs, and is at present the most popular breed in the world.

Go all the way back to 1994 and you’ll still find this breed ruled as the globe’s most beloved dog. But how is it that the Labrador continues to be loved decade after decade?

Easily Recognizable, Thanks To Movies

There is an array of movies that feature Labrador Retrievers in the role of faithful companion and trusted hero, such as Homeward Bound. In fact, there are few animals that have been as well represented in memorable roles as the Labrador Retriever. There is much positive media attention in films targeted primarily to families and children, so it’s no wonder all this leads to greater demand for Labradors as a pet.

Wonderful Experiences with The Labrador

In addition to positive media attention, there is a long history of wonderful memories created and shared by having these loving dogs in one’s home. It’s extremely rare to hear a bad word said about any type of Retriever.

When it comes to choosing a pet, it always helps to know there are positive experiences associated with a breed you are considering bringing into your household. The Labrador Retriever is associated with faithfulness, gentleness, playfulness and unconditional love. They are the type of dog you feel you can have around your children, elderly parents or neighbors — even those who are otherwise wary of dogs.

Word Of Mouth Continues to Keep Labs on Top

So long as it’s consensus that Labrador Retrievers make great pets, it’s easy to anticipate they will remain popular for many years to come. Even as other breeds gain in popularity, they have to overcome obstacles that Retrievers do not. Some breeds suffer from the image of being poor pets for households with kids. Others are too new or too obscure to build a fan base.

As for the Labrador Retriever, this breed got a major head start, rising in popularity at the same time as digital age grew and blossomed. It makes it easier than ever to share stories and find information about what dog is right for you and or your family. With so much positive feedback already in circulation, it will be a long time before any breed comes close to challenging the universal love and affection afforded the Labrador.

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