Things to Consider When Buying a Labrador Puppy

By Michelle Bery

Few things can make one’s heart melt like a new puppy, and few breeds of puppies have the enduring charm and warmth like a Labrador puppy. It should come as no surprise that the Labrador puppy is the most popular breed of dog in the United States and United Kingdom. The Labrador puppy is more than cute though, they are also good natured, energetic, and one of the fastest learning breeds. However, despite all of their positive attributes, prospective Labrador puppy owners need to know that it takes some work and research to help them select the Labrador puppy that is best suited for them.

The first thing to remember when considering a Labrador puppy is that it is a pure bred dog, therefore it is incumbent on the potential owner to find a competent, responsible, and knowledgeable breeder. A good breeder of Labrador puppies will conduct health tests on the male and female adult Labradors before breeding. This will help ensure that your puppy is healthy and free of disease. Competent Labrador puppy breeders also consider genetics when breeding dogs, and they will only breed dogs that have excellent temperaments. Good breeding will help give you a Labrador puppy that possesses all the great traits that they are known for.

When it comes time to select a puppy from a litter, be careful and cautious in order to avoid the pitfalls that trap many Labrador puppy owners. It seems natural for someone to see the puppy that approaches them first, or the one that seems the most affectionate and friendly, to be the “pick of the litter.” However, this selection technique can often lead owners astray, and when they select a Labrador puppy with those traits they are often selecting the most forceful and domineering puppy in the litter. Remember that the calmer and gentler Labrador puppy that approaches you cautiously, or watches you from the background, is often the puppy that is most likely to be an obedient, enjoyable pet.

It is equally important to look for the Labrador puppy that seems very shy or even scared. While one should steer clear of the most outgoing and aggressive Labrador puppies, they should be equally concerned with Labrador puppies that are timid, nervous, or shy. The shy Labrador puppy often grows up to be a shy, scared dog that is quick to bark or snap at anything that scares it.

Once you have eliminated the most bold, and the most bashful, your best bet is to focus your attention on the Labrador puppy that possesses traits that are more “in the middle.” A well suited Labrador puppy should be curious, friendly, and cautiously interested in you and what you are doing. Move the puppy away from his littermates and see how he reacts to you. Once you find that puppy that acts well in a crowd, or alone, likes to wag his tail, and likes to be in your company, you may have found that special Labrador puppy that will become part of your family.

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