Miniature Yorkshire Terriers

Miniature Yorkshire Terriers

By Elizabeth Morgan

The Yorkshire terrier is a breed of dogs that originally hailed from Yorkshire. These toy dogs are popularly known as Yorkies, and are very small. There are different types of Yorkshire terrier, and miniature Yorkshire terriers are among the most popular. They generally live up to 15 years if given proper care. Be sure to consult with an established veterinarian to make sure you are giving all the proper care to your miniature Yorkshire terrier.

Generally speaking, there are two types of Yorkshire terriers: standard and miniature. But many experts feel that they are not separate breeds, but the same breed coming in different sizes. This means that an underdeveloped Yorkie will be classified as miniature, but will be re-classified as standard if he grows. So the only way to know that you are getting a miniature Yorkshire terrier is by asking whether he or she is fully grown before acquiring the dog.

Usually, miniature Yorkshire terriers are known to be mischievous. Being a small breed, they usually love to play around and jump all over. They are said to be fast learners, and very popular with children. The dogs are energetic and assertive, and make excellent companions for children and adults alike. They have a very calm temperament for a small dog.

The miniature Yorkshire terrier is very intelligent and is always ready to learn new things. They are excellent for city dwellers, who don’t have a lot of space. They also make excellent gifts for people looking to acquire a pet.

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